With PAUL, everyone benefits. Your ancillary costs, too.

Fewer carbon emissions and yet still more ROI, hygiene and comfort. It’s possible.

Experience PAUL in action.

In 221

cities and municipalities where PAUL is already in use.


residential units are already connected to PAUL.


tonnes of CO2 can be saved annually with PAUL.


m³ of water can be saved in a year with PAUL.

Discover your benefits.

Whether you are responsible for entire real estate portfolios or for a specific property, whether you are a manager, owner, operator or resident, you can benefit from PAUL. The environment benefits too!

For efficient operation of the electric heat pump

4 of 6 climate targets met

No insulation

EU taxonomy-compliant

No investment costs

Binding data for an ESG report

Reduction of water consumption

Fewer carbon emissions of up to 40%

Prevention of grey emissions

Reduction of administrative burden

Reduction of insurance costs

Increase in value of real estate

Avoidance of pipework restoration

Reduction of time and effort for maintenance and servicing

Avoidance of stranded assets

Avoidance of rent reduction


At least 15% BAFA subsidy

Lower CO2 surcharge

At least 5% more ROI

Permanent elimination of legionella

No biofilm and no critical quantities of germs

Ensuring water temperature and movement

Flushing of pipelines

Legally sound proof of the operator’s obligations

No thermal or chemical disinfection

Less construction site management

Higher tenant loyalty and fewer tenant complaints

Automated data

Early defect detection

Automated maintenance

Automation of operator’s obligations TWA

Legal certainty

Lower ancillary costs

Ensured health and safety

No shower bans

Hardly any nuisance due to minimally invasive installation

Higher hot water comfort

Ensuring the desired room temperature

Less construction noise and water cut-offs

Reduction of energy costs

Lower water costs

Compliance with the new Energy Saving Ordinance (§ 3 EnSimiMaV)

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Victoriano Streil, Office Manager PAUL
Victoriano Streil